Have you thought about how complicated it is to get and keep the audience’s attention at a business fair or some other place where there is a lot of visitors, and a lot of competition is going on? Yes, it can be difficult when people just walk between the stands and don’t want to hear the unique story of the company you put your everything into. Would that be the case with the visually beautiful musical performance of the harpist? Well, hardly … It’s worth considering the promotion program options that could include a nice music break, to draw the attention of the passersby. Harp performance is ideal for all business events, being it is unexpected and unusual, not to say beautiful and special.

If you have just published your first novel, or you are planning to do so, think about making you book promotion extra interesting. Imagine listening to the harp, while the author, publisher and guests of honor read chosen passages. Wouldn’t that keep the audience in a state of full attention.

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