Whether you’re organizing a birthday, or you want to cheer up your dear ones, the sound of the harp can make any party a special one. When we think of music for birthdays, a very few people would come up with harp, however, the unexpectedness of the moment is exactly what can help create amazing memories of such a birthday celebration. Musical repertoire can be completely personalized, in accordance with the taste of the one who’s celebrating. Or, repertory performances can also be a very symbolic gift. Birthday playlist should always be cheerful, optimistic and upbeat.

Traditional Baptism ceremonies need not involve the usual musical background. Sublime act of baptism of the child, or an adult, accompanied by a harp can be very special. The celebration of the baptism of a child with the gentle sounds of the harp guarantees particularly nice atmosphere.

Your wedding date is approaching, and you are thinking what could, in addition to the regular band playing, help beautify this celebration of your love. Harp performance can do just that – be the romantic ingredient in the ceremony while you say that very special I DO! to your loved one. Your selection of songs played on a harp will, with a delicate charm, help prepare you and your guests for this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Following the event protocol of congratulations and photographing can be even more beautiful and meaningful accompanied by some good music. The selection of music that will be performed is made by you, though Zeljka, the harp player, already has some excellent ideas up her sleeve.

Have you thought about how complicated it is to get and keep the audience’s attention at a business fair or some other place where there is a lot of visitors, and a lot of competition is going on? Yes, it can be difficult when people just walk between the stands and don’t want to hear the unique story of the company you put your everything into. Would that be the case with the visually beautiful musical performance of the harpist? Well, hardly … It’s worth considering the promotion program options that could include a nice music break, to draw the attention of the passersby. Harp performance is ideal for all business events, being it is unexpected and unusual, not to say beautiful and special.

If you have just published your first novel, or you are planning to do so, think about making you book promotion extra interesting. Imagine listening to the harp, while the author, publisher and guests of honor read chosen passages. Wouldn’t that keep the audience in a state of full attention.

The harp is a rather rare instrument and is generally perceived by the general public as an exotic and unusual choice. In fact, this particularity can be a decision-maker when it comes to the choice of music for a corporate celebration. Maybe you have already noticed that corporate celebrations generally look similar. A company day in the beautiful ambience of a restaurant or a hotel may not always be a thing of the usual and mainstream choice. Music for corporate celebrations does not have to be ordinary, nor boring. If you want to get step away from the obvious choices, and give your business partners and employees an exceptional musical atmosphere, call a harpist! Everyone attending will be in a good mood, as they should be on these types of events.